Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

All products will be shipped via USPS to the address listed using your payment method at the time of purchase. We will not ship purchased products to any other addresses other than the one listed on your receipt, such as any the customer provides either via the contact form or email.


If an item was purchased item had an incorrect address listed at the time of purchase, the customer must contact us before the item is shipped in order to cancel the order or to have the official address changed. We cannot guarantee items shipped and delivered to incorrect addresses can be replaced, although we will make every effort to do so.

Return & Exchange Policy

We do not accept requests for returns or refunds after the item has shipped. If an item arrives defective or damaged, the customer must notify us within 5 days of delivery in order to receive a refund, exchange, or replacement, we cannot guarantee requests for refunds or replacements for damaged items will be accepted after this period.

In all exchange cases, we will only ship out replacements after we have received the item back from the customer. For smaller items like stickers, simple replacements are fine as opposed to an exchange!

Handmade Items Return Disclaimer

For handmade items like pins, small errors are to be expected. While we make sure to properly sort and sell our pins by grade (A-grade being near flawless pins, B-grade being minor noticeable flaws, and C-grade being major flaws like missing enamel.), even A-grade pins are subject to very small errors like black specks, underfills, or slight overspills of enamel. Unfortunately we can't ensure perfect, flawless, collector's grade pins for every A-grade sold.


That being said, if you do believe you have received a B-grade in error, please send us an email with a picture of the pin, with the flaws clearly able to be seen (feel free to outline them in a digital program if that helps!) And we will be happy to provide a shipping label in order to exchange it for an A-grade!


If the pin has minor flaws, but is still considered an A grade, we will still be happy to exchange it for one more to your liking, however, paying for shipping the pin back to us is the responsibility of the customer!