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We develop a variety of Art-centric projects, ranging from small passion projects to larger projects that offer physical products and services! Feel free to click on any of these below to learn more!

Out Now! >>>
Follow Tenchi and Sallow, two little sea slugs who illustrate their daily lives- The happy, the sad, and the kinda glad? when dealing with mental health. Nudiverent is a small series of comics written in a poetry format that explores mental health, coping, and how it affects a relationship!
Coming 2023! >>>
Follow the adventures of a left swirled snail and his mantis friend as they dive head-first into the strange, complex, and fun world of Critterland, learning about and working to solve the problems of their critter friends!
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Coming 2023! >>>
Shh! It's a secret!
Coming Soon
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