Frequently asked questions

What art/animation programs do you use?

I mainly use Paint Tool Sai for art! I also occassionally use Photoshop for things such as text or small modifications. Otherwise, most of the art you see from me will be done entirely in Paint Tool Sai! As for animation, I mainly use Harmony Premium (otherwise known as Toon Boom)! I use this program to animate all my characters and the such. Although I do use After Effects to put things together and make fancy effects!

Can I use your characters or trace your art?

Please do not! I work very hard on my characters and art and they are not free use! I always encourage others to explore their own ideas and creative concepts!

Do you do custom art/animations/costumes? Freelance work?

I take custom art commissions very rarely, and post openings on my Instagram, similarly for animation and other services, as such, I do not have set rates. As for commercial projects, please do contact me.

Can we do an Art Trade?

Sorry! I only do art trades with close friends!