Frequently asked questions


What art/animation programs do you use?

We use a wide variety of software and tools! And different projects use different programs! That being said, some of the drawing programs we use are Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Tool Sai, and Procreate! As for animation, We mainly use Harmony Premium (otherwise known as Toon Boom)! Alongside a bit of After Effects for post-production!

Can I sponsor or collaborate on a project?

Please use the contact form to reach out regarding this with more details. We're very picky about sponsors and collaborations. We do not do offer designs for 'marketplace' type selling platforms or drop-shippers. Nor do we accept inbound requests for 'advertising opportunities'. If your request falls outside of these two categories it will be considered.

When is my order shipping?

We try to have a tracking number within 7 business days for each order. Keep in mind it may take slightly longer for your package to get on the move due to designated USPS pickup days.

When does your shop open? Why is it closed?

We open our shop once a month for organization purposes and ease of shipping. We post an announcement on social media and our front page with opening dates once our shop launches!

For the Artist

Can I use your characters or trace your art?

Please do not! I work very hard on my characters and art and they are not free use! I always encourage others to explore their own ideas and creative concepts!

Do you do custom art/animations/costumes? Freelance work?

Sorry! I no longer do any kind of freelance work!