Hunter Ortiz Torregrosa

Animator, Business Owner, Snail Breeder

   Hello! I'm Hunter! I'm often known as Xenguy, Xengui, or quite simply, just Xen online! I am an artist focused on independent 2D Animation and Character Design!


   While I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, I picked up animation in Summer of 2016, for the longest time, it never truly piqued my interest until I began to branch off, getting into cut animation and starting to do my own animations in mid- 2019. Since then, animation has been my passion, and I've been using it to give life to characters and tell stories!

   Even with my love for animation however, I was never able to give up my love for character design and concept art, I use both in conjunction with my animation to create and improve. Art is my life and I strive to make leaps every day!

Oh! And are you wondering what the snail obsession is about? Snails are the first animal I have any memory of interacting with in my life, They were all I was allowed as pets when I was a young child! Since then, that love has stayed and no other animal has been able to captivate my heart and keep me at peace more than these lovely shelled invertebrates! My spirit animal perhaps? Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy visiting my little corner of the internet!

Love, Hunter Ortiz Torregrosa