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About Us

Welcome to HOT Snail Studios! We're a [very] small animation company started in Georgia. We make art projects of a wide variety, often to tell stories, but to also inspire, teach, and learn from the lovely fellow humans around us!


Our projects are often told in different worlds, different stories, and different

mediums. Whether it be a small webcomic, a collection, or even a show,

when it comes to art, the possibilities are endless, and we're

looking to make the most of it! We're the dream of one

small artist, and then two! Who teamed up to make our

dreams a reality, and hey, hopefully help some people

along the way too!


While we generally just vibe around, we love getting

involved in communities, both local and those

around the world. Whether it be visting

conventions, creating small projects online, or just

hanging out, hopefully there's something

here you'll enjoy!

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