Animations Updated

More Animations have been added to the Animations section, alongside several updates to various sections!


Hello! Welcome to Hot Snail Studios! We're a small startup animation company based in Georgia! This is our portfolio

and project site! Here you can find all sorts of information

regarding our art, animation work, shops, as well as all

our future projects youcan follow up on!

We're a team of independent animators and

art-lovers creating our own projects and animations

based on my ideas and the things we love!

So feel free to come join us on our journey! <3

Demo Reel

An overview of some of my work in animation and editing condensed into one video!


Short, quick sketches of mine that show off my anatomy and sketchwork the best!


More extensive and finished images of original characters and other original concepts!


Examples of my finished animation work and moving images!

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